The Foreign Resort - She Is Lost (cover)

The Foreign Resort ‘She is Lost’ Review

The Foreign Resort ‘She is Lost’ Review: review of Danish neo-post punkers beguiling new single.

Denmark’s The Foreign Resort are a 21st century act with an unashamedly retro sound–drawing inspiration from 80’s New Wave, Goth and Post-punk.

And they pull it off with aplomb, as witnessed on their new single She is Lost–a heady mix of oceanic synths, chiming guitars and impassioned vocals.

They make a big cavernous sound for a three-piece, thick with atmosphere and melodrama, weaving a tapestry of sound that splits the difference between The Cure, Duran Duran and Echo and The Bunnymen. And She is Lost is a sugar rush of a song with wintry soundscapes that wouldn’t have been out-of-place on a John Hughes soundtrack. It’s wide-screen cinematic stuff, awash in plaintive romance.

The B-side Skyline/Decay is an equally transfixing affair. It’s also darker, with a ‘A Forest’-esque bass-line that acts as a choppy through-line, bouncing off the warped keyboard textures while vocalist Mikkel B. Jakobsen voice soars over the din.

If you’re a fan of dark and beautiful Reagan-era tinged rock, which also has a foot dipped in the here and now of acts like M83 and Savages, The Foreign Resort deserves your attention. You can also catch them on tour on the Europe dates listed below.

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The Foreign Resort 2017 Tour Dates

SEPT 26  Lübeck, Germany – Rider’s Cafe (Reveller Party with Then Comes Silence, Future Lied to Us)
SEPT 28  Sønderborg, Denmark – Black Spot
SEPT 29  Cologne, Germany – Blue Shell
SEPT 30  Prague, Czech Republic – TBC
NOV 3  Berlin, Germany – Bi Nuu (with She Past Away, Golden Apes)
NOV 4  Lucerne, Switzerland – Sedel (with Rev Rev Rev, DJ V404 & JHG Shark)

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