My Bloody Valentine finish new album 2013

My Bloody Valentine Release New Album ‘MBV’

My Bloody Valentine Release New Album “MBV”, their first new album in 22 years.

(Yes, this is actually happening).

I reported back in December that bandleader Kevin Shields‘ had announced that his band My Bloody Valentine had finished recording a new album.

This was greeted by fans with great suspicion given their last album, the alt-rock, dream-pop masterpiece “Loveless” was released way back in 1990, and hope of a follow-up seemed dismal given Shield’s unfortunate combination of perfectionism and writers block.

And then they announced a few days ago that the album would be released on their website.

Again, skepticism was in the air.

Then this happened: This morning the band announced this on their Facebook page:

“We are preparing to go live with the new album/website this evening. We will make an announcement as soon as its up.”

And lo and behold, they weren’t kidding. Pigs are flying and hell has frozen over, and Dream pop fans are flipping out.

<img src="My-Bloody-Valentine-new-album-cover-MBV-2013.gif" alt="My Bloody Valentine new album cover MBV 2013" />

Album cover for ‘MBV’

The new album, simply titled MBV, can be downloaded or bought in a variety of formats off their website (which was crashing earlier due to server overload, but all’s good now. Perhaps it was the petition to president Obama that helped? People really want their MBV!). Click here to go order ‘MBV’ from the band’s official site.

I haven’t had a chance to hear MBV, but as soon as I do and get to let it soak in, I’ll post a review. Whether it’s as amazing as “Loveless“, or a letdown, that it’s happening at all, makes it an event, which is pretty rare in this world of disposable music.

**UPDATE: Check out my M B V review!

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