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Hobosexual ‘Monolith’ Review

Hobosexual ‘Monolith’ Review: Seattle duo make a rock sound as huge as their album title. 

Let’s face it: there aren’t that many great new hard rock bands anymore. Sure they exist (Royal Thunder is one example), but they’re sorely underrepresented in the 21st century.

Well luckily for those of us who like heavy tunes slathered with melody, Hobosexual are here to rock your ass off. The Seattle musical duo’s new release Monolith shows a winning mix of beefy guitar tones, soaring vocals and humorous lyrics.

The album is retro in the best sense of the word, drawing upon the rock anthem templates of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

Opener Trans Am Sunday is a stoner rock delight, all swirling guitars and trippy vocals, while follow-up Monsterbater (which was featured on the Showtime series Shameless) recalls Back in Black era AC/DC.

Over 10 tracks the band never lets up, offering energy to burn. Up The Down Walls splits the difference between disaffected 90’s grunge and 80’s cock rock (it’s crazy but it works), while the title track wouldn’t be out-of-place on classic rock radio, living up to its title in grandiosity.

Throughout the album vocalist/guitarist Ben Harwood shows he has pipes to spare, with a stunning vocal range (his falsetto brings to mind The Darkness’s Justin Hawkins on Dimensional Beard and Cincinnati Juggernaut) that ably supports his six-string skills, while drummer Jeff Silva delivers seismic liftoff from top to bottom.

The group switch gears on the second half of the album: VHS or Sharon Stone has a Southern Boogie by way of 90’s alternative vibe (yet another strange fusion of styles that works amazingly well), with Harwood peppering his lyrics with 80’s pop-culture touchstones, while The Grey Mountain tips its sweaty stocking cap to Soundgarden.

The band save the best for last however, with Sunset Adieu, a power-pop gem which should cause any Cheap Trick fan to break out in a wide grin. It has a monster melodic hook that will get lodged into your brain.

Monolith is a blast from start to finish. For those longing for new rock anthems with a healthy dollop of humor and attitude, Hobosexual will be your new favorite band.

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