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Watch Epic New Trailer for ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’

Watch Epic New Trailer for ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’: Holy Chill-Inducing Trailer Batman.

Warner Bros. debuted the second trailer for their DC superhero film ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’, and even the most ardent Marvel Zombie/Zach Snyder basher has to admit this offers a thrilling glimpse into the upcoming film. Check it out via YouTube below:

Snyder seems to have taken the criticism of Superman destroying half of Metropolis in ‘Man of Steel’ to heart. His actions, however noble in taking down General Zod had consequences, wiping out many innocents in their skyscraper toppling battle.

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The trailer begins with Holly Hunter playing a government official opening a criminal investigation into Superman’s actions.

We also see Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) rushing towards the Metropolis wreckage in a flashback, where many of his associates at his Wayne Industries building perished.

Many quick clips follow, showing Wayne conferring with Alfred over his mistrust of Superman, squaring off with police, shots of Lex Luthor (played with ultimate smarm by Jesse Eisenberg) with a chunk of kryptonite, a hint at Aquaman…and a glorious introduction to Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) getting ready to kick ass.

The trailer concludes with Batman and Superman squaring off, while Luthor acts like Don King, with prize-fight hyperbole: ‘Black versus blue. God versus man. Day versus night.’

I’ve been fooled by flashy trailers before. Hell, even the wonderful clips of ‘Man of Steel’ made me feel that Snyder’s finished product was uneven. But this is a hell of start and leaves a big impression. I can’t wait for March 25, 2016 to find out once and for all if the superhero square off of the ages fully delivers. I have to admit I’m still a tad anxious about the ‘Suicide Squad‘ film however. Sure hope they put it’s SDCC teaser online soon as well to allay or exacerbate my concerns.

What do you think about the new ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice‘? Tell me in the comments.

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