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Top 10 Creepiest Music Videos

Top 10 Creepiest Music Videos: Augment your Halloween horror movie viewing with some creepy musical video interludes.

So you’re have your stack of horror movies (or films in you DVR or Netflix queue) ready to go for Halloween, but you’re still craving more weird stuff to watch. Well, why not add some eerie music videos to your schedule?

Music Videos are a dying art since MTV or VH1 rarely plays them, but thanks to YouTube you can watch all the scariest music videos you can handle.

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I’ve compiled a list of the Top 10 creepiest and disturbing videos for your viewing pleasure. FYI, I avoided Thriller (and similar entries) because it’s more fun than scary.


10. Queens Of The Stone Age-Sick, Sick, Sick

The video lives up to the title with a woman who has a voracious appetite for the cooked bodies of the QOTSA band members. Don’t watch it before you eat.

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9. Depeche Mode-Wrong

This ode to being in the ‘wrong place at the wrong time’ is given a fitting video where a man is bound and masked in a car he has no control over as it veers in reverse on city streets. Its taut suspense and inventive cinematography is truly Hitchcockian.

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8. Mr. Bungle-Quote Unquote

Clowns, bondage masks, bodies hanging from meat hooks and creepy dolls, all set to eerie carnival metal music. What’s not to love?


7. Soundgarden-Black Hole Sun

Admit it; you freaked out the first time you saw those grinning faces melting…


6. Robbie Williams-Rock DJ

Okay Robbie Williams is not someone you’d ever consider scary (although his music is nauseating), but the video for Rock DJ is truly revolting. It starts off on a cheesy tone with Williams stripping in front of fawning female fans, but at the 2:56 he starts ripping off his flesh and flinging into the adoring crowd.


5. Nine Inch Nails-Pinion/Happiness Is Slavery

Would you rather watch a person in a bondage suit force-fed sewage or see a guy ( late performance artist Bob Flanagan) mangle his own genitalia? Trent Reznor has you covered with these two equally disturbing videos:

(FYI the above clip of Slavery is the censored version, but you can find the real deal through google search).


4. Tool- Prison Sex

The title alone sets the tone, but Adam Jones’s stop motion video adds unseemly visual textures. The eerie images of a doll-like creature that is held against its will by a large H.R. Giger-ish beast is unsettling. And the meat creatures are pretty gross too.


3. Aphex Twin-Windowlicker

Chris Cunningham’s video is nauseating and captivating at the same time, with an endless parade of scantily clad woman all wearing the exaggerated grotesque visage of Aphex Twin aka Richard James. It’s also pretty funny in an unsettling way.


2. Aphex Twin-Come To Daddy

I’d love to see this video expanded in a full length horror film. Cunningham again directs, with this vignette of evil children (again all plastered with identical masks of James’s exaggerated face) running amok. But the malevolent tykes have nothing on their leader, a gigantic screaming James clone who scares the shit out of a little old lady.


1. Aphex Twin-Rubber Johnny

James and Cunningham again make an appearance, claiming the top spot with this disturbing short of a deformed wailing child who resembled the Elephant Man.

But while he’s confined to a wheelchair he’s still capable of doing a disturbing spasmodic dance and makes his face into all sorts of disturbing textures and shapes. Plus its all filmed in night vision to give it an even more hallucinogenic scope. Don’t watch this video too many times over…you will have nightmares.

So that’s my list of the Top 10 Creepiest Music Videos. Which ones would make your top 10? Tell me in the comment section.

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