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The SLIS 2017 Holiday Gift Guide: Blu-ray and DVD Box Sets

The SLIS 2017 Holiday Gift Guide: Blu-ray and DVD Box Sets: the best superhero, sci-fi, horror, action and TV series Blu-ray gifts of the year.

Welcome back to part 2 of the SLIS 2017 Holiday Gift Guide (click here to see part 1: Music Box Sets)! Well 2017 was a year I guess. And that’s being charitable. But hey, at least television and movies didn’t suck.

It’s true, despite some record poor box office this year, it was a great year for blockbusters and indie films and truly great TV.

So if you have a film lover or TV fanatic in your life, we have you covered, with a whole heap of geektastic stuff from a variety of genres, all of which are available to buy on Amazon.

If anything strikes your fancy, simply click on the box art to preview or buy and (for full details and pricing). If we see anything amazing deal-wise for Black Friday or Cyber Monday, we’ll try to keep you updated. We get a chunk of every product you buy through our site, so thanks in advance if you choose to do so, as it keeps us afloat 🙂

Let’s get it on:



Logan W/DVD + Digital HD with Ultrav Blu-ray | Box Set

The most brutal yet poignant superhero movie ever made. Includes the black and white version, director’s commentary and behind-the-scenes  featurettes. Blu $17.99, 4k $24.50


Wonder Woman Wonder Woman Figurine Amazon Exclusive Edition DVD + Blu-ray + Digital + Ultraviolet

What a delight huh? The DCEU’s best film to date was also a much-needed beacon of hope in a very dark year. The Blu-ray is packed with special features and this special edition comes with an awesome collectible figure. If you find the exclusive edition a wee bit pricey, you can buy the standard edition for just $19.61.


DC Super Heroes: Color Me Powerful!

If you’re buying Wonder Woman for young heroes in waiting, why not add this awesome DC kids book about female empowerment to the list?


Spider-Man: Homecoming DVD + Digital HD with Ultraviolet Blu-ray

I admit I was getting sick of Spider-Man movies, but hot damn this was fun. Michael Keaton killed it. Blu $22.96, 4k $27.96


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 DVD + Digital Copy + Blu-ray

Not as good as the first, but it’s awesome by default thanks to Kurt Russell as Ego The Living Planet. Blu $24.96, 4k $29.96


Lego Batman Movie

Featuring Jokes that both kids and adults alike while still being true to the character’s method made LEGO Batman a slam dunk. Blu $14.99, 4k $29.99


Batman vs. Two-Face

RIP Adam West! His final appearance is a hoot in this animated film that features William Shatner as Two-Face. $15.99


Batman: Mask of the Phantasm

Better late than never! Long awaited HD release of the amazingly underrated film based on Bruce Timm’s BTAS. $17.99


Superman The Movie: Extended Cut & 2-Film Collection

The long-awaited Blu-ray release of Richard Donner’s extended 3 hour cut + the original theatrical release featuring the late, great Christopher Reeve. $17.99


Awesome Activities for Super Heroes (DC Super Heroes)

Another great children’s book perfect to go alongside a DC Blu-ray purchase.


Rogue One: A Star Wars Story DVD + Blu-ray + Digital

Perhaps the best fan service film of all time.  That final Darth Vader scene though! So sweet. A ton of cool extras included as well. $22.99


Planet of the Apes Trilogy Blu-ray + Digital

The recent POTA trilogy is the best revival of a franchise since Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy. Thrilling, touching and a class act from start to finish. A steal at $29.99.


War For The Planet Of The Apes+ DVD + Digital with Ultraviolet Blu-ray

Or just get WFTPOTA piecemeal. Caesar forever!Blu $19.96, 4k $24.96


Blade Runner 2049 DVD + Blu-ray + Digital

So there’s no official release date yet, but if you have a Blade Runner fanatic in your life, they won’t mind the wait for one of the best sequels ever made.


Alien Covenant

Another sequel to a beloved Ridley Scott film, but it’s nowhere near as good. In fact, I kinda hated it. But I’m an Alien diehard so I had to include. It has its moments. Blu $17.96, 4k $21.24


Kong: Skull Island

Not an instant classic but this monster movie remake by way of Apocalypse Now was way better than I expected. Bring on Kong vs. Godzilla! Blu $14.99, 4k $29.95



John Wick Chapter 2

There was no way the original John Wick could be topped, but this sequel is still damn entertaining, and the BR is packed with special features. Blu $14.99, 4k $24.96


Atomic Blond

Have to admit I was hoping for more from this film–it drags more than the previews suggest, but it looks great, Theron is badass and the music is stellar.


Dunkirk 2017 UHD

Christopher Nolan does it again, with this invigorating take on a little known piece of WWII history. The IMAX camera visuals should look particularly resplendent in 4K. $24.99.


Baby Driver

So. Much. Fun.




The horror sensation of the year that let’s face it, kicks the TV miniseries ass (no offense to Tim Curry). It should look amazing on Blu-ray too.Blu $24.99, 4k $29.99


Get Out DVD + Blu-ray

One of the sharpest combinations of horror and satire in ages makes for one of the most unexpected viewing pleasures of the year, and an assured directorial dĂ©but from Jordan Peele. Blu $8.99, 4k $19.99


  Silent Night, Deadly Night Collector’s Edition, Collector’s Blu-ray

Let’s face it, nothing gets you into the Christmas spirit like this slasher classic with a murdering Santa Claus! Shout! Factory as always, does a bang-up reissue in the Blu-ray dept.


Phantasm 5 Movie DVD Collection

Boyyyyyyyyy, this is one awesome collection of the whackadoo horror franchise including a host of special features available on Blu-ray (or DVD if you’re keeping it old school)


Marathon Man

Is it safe? The film that will make you dread going to the dentist (more than you already do) is one of the best spy thrillers of all time. It’s also a steal of a deal for the moment on Amazon at only $7.89.


J.D.’s Revenge Special Edition, 2-Disc Special Edition DVD + Blu-ray

The best blaxploitation horror film ever, even if it’s saving grace is how unintentionally hilarious it is. A must for the B-movie obsessive on your shopping list.

Vampyr Criterion Collection

Adored by art house fans but less known by horror culture at large, this 1932 expressionist film rivals Nosferatu for creepy occult dread and Criterion goes above and beyond in presentation. (Click here for my Blu-ray review).


Christine Project Pop Art Limited Edition Steelbook (Blu Ray + Digital HD)

Not John Carpenter’s finest film, but still a fun adaptation of the Stephen King novel, featuring a memorable synth score.

Click here for my recent interview with John Carpenter


They Live Steelbook Collector’s Edition, Limited Edition, Blu Ray/Limited Steelbook: 1 Blu-ray

I’m here to chew bubblegum and kick ass and buy this sweet steel book. Just remember to put the glasses on before viewing!

Click here for soundtrack gift ideas including John Carpenter, Twin Peaks and more.

The Hidden Blu-Ray

Anyone who loves Kyle MacLachlan as Agent Dale Cooper on Twin Peaks (which we’re just about to get to) would love this 80’s sci-fi flick where he plays a similarly oddball federal agent, this time in pursuit of a murderous shapeshifting alien. Just $17.99.



Twin Peaks: A Limited Event Series Special Edition Special Edition Blu-ray | Box Set

Maddening, perplexing, yet never dull, Twin Peaks The Return was 2017’s best show. And this Blu-ray box set is packed with extra goodies for fans to binge while downing coffee and pie. Please do a season 4…and don’t leave us hanging this time? Oh who am I kidding, this is David Lynch we’re talking about. It’s not about the destination, but the journey…$55.92


Book Tie-in: Twin Peaks: The Final Dossier

For anyone left hanging by TP The Return, co-creator Mark Frost helps fill in the blanks in this entertaining book that makes for the perfect supplemental material.


Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me Special Edition, Criterion Collection Blu-ray

David Lynch’s polarizing prequel film gets the Criterion treatment, which shows it has aged much better than its mixed reputation suggests, and is crucial in attempting to decipher the plot points in The Return. RIP Harry Dean Stanton! $22.97


Stranger Things Season 1 4-disc DVD / Blu-Ray Collectors Edition Box Set (Exclusive VHS Box Style Packaging)

Of course the first Blu-ray collection of the Netflix 80’s era cult hit would have a vintage VHS cover. Retro awesomeness. $42.99


Game of Thrones Seasons 1-7

No need to hard sell this. If you know a GOT obsessive, this purchase of the entire series (so far) for only $139.99 (normally $230.00) is a no brainer.


American Gods Season One

Collection of the first season Starz adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s acclaimed novel.


Walking Dead The Complete Seventh Season

Full disclosure, you’d have to hit me over the head with a bat to keep watching this show. I bailed awhile back. But there are still plenty of WD fans who will be salivating like zombies if they see this under the tree.


Mystery Science Theater 3000: Volume XXXIX

Welp, it’s here. The final DVD box set of previously unreleased episodes from the original MST3K era, making this a true landmark release. Luckily the recent Netflix reboot has just been renewed! You can never have enough MST3K. NEVER. 

Holiday Classics:

The Original Christmas Classics (Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer / Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town / Frosty the Snowman / Frosty Returns / Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol / and more)

Some of the most beloved Rankin Bass holiday classics all in one set.

Well that wraps up our list of best Blu-ray and DVD gift ideas! For more suggestions, check out last year’s list, and stay tuned for our Geek Gift Guide which should be up shortly. 

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