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Horrors V Review

The Horrors ‘V’ Review

The Horrors ‘V’ Review The Horrors have evolved more distinctly than perhaps any other 21st century band. They started off as horror punks (2007’s Strange House), then went into mad scientist mode, offering a mix of goth, shoegaze, and Britpop on releases like 2009’s Primary Colours and 2011’s Skying that wowed critics and cultivated a devoted following. The […]

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Trump Presidency May Inspire New Sisters of Mercy Album

While the world reels in the aftermath of Donald Trump winning the 2016 U.S. presidential election, those who feared he might win are going through various stages of shock and grief (count me among them). But as history has foretold, unpopular presidents inspire great rock music. Given this, the surprise Donald Trump win may have had […]

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The Mission ‘Another Fall From Grace’ Review

The Mission ‘Another Fall From Grace’ Review: influential Goth rockers make their finest album since their 80’s heyday. “This album is the lost link between The Sisters Of Mercy’s First And Last And Always and The Mission’s God’s Own Medicine.” That bold statement comes from The Mission’s frontman Wayne Hussey, regarding the band’s new album Another Fall From Grace […]

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RIP Alan Vega: How Suicide Frontman Changed Music Forever

Alan Vega R.I.P: how the late musician influenced punk, New Wave, electronic music, alternative rock and more. We’ve lost a lot of musical legends in 2016. And last night was no different: Alan Vega, one half of proto-punk/synth duo Suicide passed away in his sleep at the age of 78. While the ethereal crooner was never a household […]

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Albums Revisited: The Sisters of Mercy’s Vision Thing Turns 25

Albums Revisited: Cigarettes, Shades and Skin: The Sister’s of Mercy’s Vision Thing at 25 By: Peter Marks The American album. That’s what they called it in the press when it hit the streets on October 22 1990. Bigger production values, grittier topics and naturally those riffs… oh the grief this band endured for using a […]

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Prong-Songs From The Black Hole Review

Prong-Songs From The Black Hole Review: Prong crafts a unique and entertaining collection of songs that honor their hardcore influences.  Prong have been on a roll. In the past three years they’ve released two acclaimed albums (the most recent being 2014’s Ruining Lives), proving that founding member-guitarist/vocalist Tommy Victor isn’t resting on his laurels. He’s made […]

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The Sisters Of Mercy ‘Floodland’ Revisited

The Sisters Of Mercy: ‘Floodland’ Revisited: A look back at The Sisters’ grandiose goth masterpiece on its 30th anniversary.  Note: this post originally appeared in 2013. It has been updated. I recently wrote about why ‘The World’s End’ soundtrack rocks. It prominently features This Corrosion,  a goth staple from The Sisters Of Mercy. Given the renewed […]

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The Worlds End

‘The World’s End’ Soundtrack Rocks

‘The World’s End’ Soundtrack Rocks:  Here’s some info on the best 90’s bands on the track list. Recently I reviewed ‘The World’s End’ for Examiner.com  It’s an excellent final entry in the Cornetto trilogy from director Edgar Wright, and actors Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. It also boasts a stellar soundtrack featuring 90’s Britpop and Alternative tunes, […]

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Top 40 Darkest Rock Albums Part 4

Top 40 Darkest Rock Albums Part 4

Top 40 Darkest Rock Albums Part 4  *Before reading make sure you’ve checked out part 1,  part 2 ,and part 3 to see what you may have missed. Okay here we are for the final installment of the Darkest Rock Albums. We have just 10 more to go! If you want any of these in your […]

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