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Pure Luck ‘Pure Luck’ Review

Pure Luck ‘Pure Luck’ Review: alt-rock supergroup takes on deep-fried Southern Rock. “Outlaw country mixed with Southern rock, mixed with toad licking.” That unusual descriptor comes courtesy of Butthole Surfers (and Melvins member) Jeff Pinkus, describing the sound of his Austin, TX based outfit Pure Luck. The band (whose self-titled début is due June 2nd on Heavy Feather […]

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Crystal Fairy ‘Crystal Fairy’ Review

Crystal Fairy ‘Crystal Fairy’ Review: supergroup featuring members of The Melvins, Le Butcherettes and At-The-Drive-In create a beautiful, bruising noise on hallucinatory self-titled début album.  When the news that Le Butcherettes Teri Gender Bender, Melvins’ King Buzzo and Dale Crover and At the Drive-In/Mars Volta’s Omar Rodriguez-Lopez were joining forces for the new group Crystal […]

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Teri Gender Bender Talks Debut Album From New Supergroup Crystal Fairy (Le Butcherettes, The Melvins, At-The-Drive-In)

Le Butcherettes’ frontwoman talks Crystal Fairy’s début album featuring The Melvins’ Buzz Osborne and Dale Crover and At The Drive In/Mars Volta’s Omar Rodriguez-Lopez.  When Le Butcherettes supported The Melvins on their 2015 tour, vocalist Teri Gender Bender found a kinship between Melvins’ members King Buzzo and Dale Crover. This friendship would result in  a split […]

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Albums Revisited: Mr. Bungle’s Self-Titled Debut Turns 25

Albums Revisited: Mr. Bungle’s Self-Titled Debut Turns 25: looking back at one of the strangest albums of a very strange decade on its 25th anniversary. Mr. Bungle changed my life. Mr. Bungle helped me meet my wife. Seriously. Upon meeting her through a friend of a friend, I began my best attempts at making conversation (not […]

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The Melvins ‘Basses Loaded’ Review

The Melvins ‘Basses Loaded’ Review: doom metal legends showcase their four-string collaborators on rocking new release.   The Melvins continue to be the biggest workaholics in rock and roll. The sludge metal giants are back with Basses Loaded (Ipecac Recordings), their seventh(!) album this decade. Whereas most Melvins’ album titles are gleefully obtuse, Basses Loaded is a perfect […]

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The Melvins ‘Across The USA in 51 Days: The Movie!’ Review

The Melvins ‘Across The USA in 51 Days: The Movie!’ Review: Sludge-lords document their (almost) record-breaking American tour.  Back in 2012, Sludge-metal icons The Melvins attempted a Guinness World Record: to play 50 states in 51 days (+Washington DC). While the title apparently belongs to George Thorogood (who claims he did it first,  others cite singer Kevin Montgomery), the group have […]

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Le Butcherettes ‘A Raw Youth’ Review

Le Butcherettes ‘A Raw Youth’ Review: Mexican power-trio blow the doors off with their incendiary third album.  Youth doesn’t mean young. It’s the essence of being resilient against so many of life’s struggles. In every decade or era, there’s always a rebel who gives inspiration for the poets to write about. That person holds the […]

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The Melvins with Le Butcherettes at The Mohawk Review

The Melvins with Le Butcherettes at The Mohawk Review: a grand evening of syrupy thick riffs and rhythmic whiplash on their Chaos As Usual tour. Those who like it loud, heavy and weird were in heaven at Austin’s The Mohawk last night. Sludge metal titans The Melvins’ heady, trippy riffage felt perfectly in tune with […]

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The Melvins The Bulls & The Bees/Electroretard Review

The Melvins The Bulls & The Bees/Electroretard Review: dual release of band’s 2001/2012 efforts go swimmingly well together. Following on the heels of 2014’s excellent Butthole Surfers collaboration Hold It In, The Melvins have another treat in store for longtime fans. On June 2nd, 2015 Ipecac Recordings will be jointly reissuing the band’s 2001 album […]

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The Melvins Hold It In

The Melvins ‘Hold It In’ Review

The Melvins ‘Hold It In’ Review: The Melvins + Butthole Surfers=greatness Buzz Osborne has had a pretty stellar 2014. His acoustic album This Machine Kills Artists redefined how heavy and uncompromising an acoustic album could be. And now he’s following up with the new Melvins album: Hold It In (Ipecac Recordings). And it’s one of their most […]

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