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Roselit Bone ‘Blister Steel’ Review

Roselit Bone ‘Blister Steel’ Review: contributor David Dierksen dives into Portland group’s Gothic Americana infused sophomore album. By David Dierksen Attempting a simple sonic description of Blister Steel, the newest release from Portland collective Roselit Bone, is almost committing a disservice to the music, akin to describing a piece of abstract art by talking about […]

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Swans ‘The Great Annihilator'(Remastered Edition) Review

Swans: ‘The Great Annihilator’ (Deluxe Edition) Review: underrated 1995 album gets deluxe remastered double-vinyl reissue.  To say NYC noise rock legends SWANS have had a unique career trajectory is an understatement. Whereas most bands that formed in the 80s subsist by playing their back catalogue on the nostalgia circuit, Swans have become more popular than ever. […]

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Swans ‘The Glowing Man’ Review

Swans ‘The Glowing Man’ Review: Michael Gira concludes current Swans lineup with hypnotic results. NYC’s noise rock icons Swans have had an impressive career trajectory this decade. For a band that started in the early 80’s, reforming in 2005 after a 15-year hiatus, they sound as hungry, raw and exploratory as ever. Following 2012’s brilliantly […]

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Swans ‘To Be Kind’ Review

Swans ‘To Be Kind’ Review; post-punk veterans follow-up masterwork ‘The Seer’ with similarly epic ‘To Be Kind’, which is sometimes too much of a good thing. With 2012’s ‘The Seer’, noise-rock pioneers Swans did the unthinkable; they made their breakout album 3 decades into their career. They indulged all aspects of their legacy and expunged […]

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Album Review: Swans ‘The Seer’

30 years in, Swans make their masterpiece with ‘The Seer’.  ‘The Seer’ (Young God Records) Rare is the band that’s still at their creative peak 30 years into their career. But Swans new album ‘The Seer’ is their best work to date. Founding member Michael Gira and co. seem brimming with purpose and demonic intensity. […]

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