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SLIS’s 15 Best Rock Albums of 2015

SLIS’s 15 Best Rock Albums of 2015: the best metal and alternative rock albums of the year.  Last week I covered the 25 best rock songs of 2015, and now it’s time to celebrate the best albums of the year. As always I pride myself on sticking to rock oriented releases in a sea of pop nonsense, […]

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Confrontational ‘A Dance of Shadows’ Review

Confrontational ‘A Dance of Shadows’ Review: Italian synth act conjure 80’s neon-noir and horror soundscapes on début album. If I had to pick the most interesting musical genre of the past few years, Synthwave would definitely top the list. Growing up on a steady diet of horror films with slick synth soundtracks, I enjoy seeing […]

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John Carpenter ‘Lost Themes’ Review

John Carpenter ‘Lost Themes’ Review: he’s all out of bubblegum, because this album kicks ass.  When filmmaker/composer John Carpenter announced his new album Lost Themes, one assumed it contained unused music from his impressive filmography. When he later clarified it’s actually his first album of non film-related music, it was an equally exciting proposition. But it also begged the […]

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7 Best John Carpenter Soundtracks

7 Best John Carpenter Soundtracks: in anticipation of Carpenter’s new album ‘Lost Themes’, we take a look back at his most iconic synth-laden film scores. John Carpenter has the unique distinction of being one of the best directors and composers of the 70’s and 80’s. His pioneering use of synthesizers to create taut hypnotic tension for his iconic […]

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Stream New John Carpenter Track ‘Night’

Stream New John Carpenter Track ‘Night’: second track from Lost Themes hearkens back to filmmakers classic horror scores.  Director/composer John Carpenter (of Halloween, Escape From New York, and The Thing fame), is streaming his new track Night via Soundcloud, which you can listen to via the embed below. It’s the second track from his upcoming […]

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2015 Albums

20 Most Anticipated Rock Albums of 2015

20 Most Anticipated Rock Albums of 2015: 20 must have rock discs for the new year  There’s a lot for rock fans to look forward to in 2015. To help with your album hunting needs, we’ve compiled a list of the top 20 discs that should make fans of alternative, metal, goth, electronica and film […]

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Lost Themes

John Carpenter Releases ‘Vortex’ From ‘Lost Themes’ Album

John Carpenter Releases ‘Vortex’ From ‘Lost Themes’ Album: horror director and composer teases fans with new track from forthcoming Lost Themes Album Earlier this month, director/composer John Carpenter appeared at L.A.’s Beyond Festival, where he and Jamie Lee Curtis hosted a screening of his influential horror classic Halloween. Afterwards, the duo did an audience Q&A, […]

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Horror Scores Mini

Top 20 Best Horror Movie Scores

Top 20 Best Horror Movie Scores: Counting down the scariest soundtracks of all time. When one thinks of a classic horror movie, it’s usually accompanied by a sonic mental cue. Because a great musical score is a vital component in cinema, especially when it comes to horror flicks. A taut score escalates tension, and a sharp […]

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Album Review: Kavinsky 'Outrun'

Album Review: Kavinsky ‘Outrun’

Album Review: Kavinsky ‘Outrun’; Kavinsky crafts a synth-driven soundtrack to the coolest 80’s movie that doesn’t exist (except in his head). French electronic artist Kavinsky’s previous claim to fame was ‘Nightcall’,  the haunting synth-pop track which was featured on the ‘Drive’ Soundtrack (which made our list of Best Movie Soundtracks Of All Time). That soundtrack perfectly captured […]

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Why Halloween Is The Best Horror Movie Of All TIme

Dissecting what makes John Carpenter’s ‘Halloween’ an enduring classic and the best horror movie of all time. I remember my Dad letting me stay up late when I was 11 and we watched ‘Halloween‘ on cable in the early 80’s. I was hooked. And I wasn’t alone.  ‘Halloween‘ was a massive hit and for many […]

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