Suicide Squad Cast Announced: Jared Leto Is The Joker

Suicide Squad Cast Announced: Jared Leto To Play Joker: Warner Bros. readies comic-book supervillian title.

Today Warner Bros. announced the cast of their upcoming Suicide Squad film, and it has largely conformed to the casting rumors that have circled on the internet as of late.

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For those unaware, the Suicide Squad is a DC Comics property that is essentially their Escape From New York: where various super villains get a chance for commuted prison sentences for doing black ops dirty work.

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And the film is utilizing a cast of breakout stars and character actors to bring the comic series to the silver screen.

The most noteworthy cast announcement is that Jared Leto will be playing the Joker. This will surely create a firestorm of internet commentary on how terrible/great he would be for the role, and if anyone should play the part so recently (depending on your perspective of time) after Heath Ledger. Personally I think Leto can pull it off, and is a fairly inspired choice. Of all the actors to inherit the role, he is certainly the most physically matched.

Joker image from Alan Moore and Brian Bolland's "The Killing Joke"

Joker image from Alan Moore and Brian Bolland’s “The Killing Joke”

Another big lead is Will Smith, who will be playing the mercenary Deadshot. I fear this will lead to endless groan-worthy one-liners, but we shall see.

A surprising casting announcement is Tom Hardy as Rick Flagg, with Hardy joining the ranks of actors have played two parts in the same comic book universe (I’m talking to you Chris Evans). Flagg is essentially the Nick Fury of the DCU, so the future Mad Max should be able to nail it..

Other cast members include The Wolf of Wall Street’s Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, Jai Courtney as Boomerang and Cara Delevingne as Enchantress.

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While I am admittedly terrified of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, simply because it’s cramming in so many characters in such a fast fashion, and that it’s directed by a filmmaker known more for style over substance, I’m fairly excited for this project. Director/writer David Ayer filmography has shown a gritty take on anti-heroes, and this makes for a unique comic book movie, one where characters are in shades of gray, which fits more into current cable television landscape than cinema at the moment.

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This could be a potential game changer for the genre, and a sign that WB/DC are willing to shake up the formula. But we’ll just have to wait and see. The film will begin filming in Toronto in March of 2015.

Are you excited by this announcement? Worried? Tell us in the comments.

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