Stream New John Carpenter Track ‘Night’

Stream New John Carpenter Track ‘Night’: second track from Lost Themes hearkens back to filmmakers classic horror scores. 

Director/composer John Carpenter (of Halloween, Escape From New York, and The Thing fame), is streaming his new track Night via Soundcloud, which you can listen to via the embed below.

It’s the second track from his upcoming album Lost Themes, which is due out February 3rd via Sacred Bones records. Like previous release Vortex, it sounds like vintage Carpenter: granular synths, hypnotic keyboard figures, and an overall atmosphere of menace and impeding doom.

While the album title Lost Themes gives the impression of previously unused film scores, the album is actually the first musical work not associated with any of Carpenter’s directional efforts. The filmmaker spoke of feeling liberated by the process in a recent Rolling Stone InterviewIt’s just freeing altogether because it doesn’t involve movies and the structure of motion pictures. It’s all music. Music is one of the pure art forms. It’s not polluted like movies.

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He also discussed the album’s collaborative process, recorded with his son Cody and godson Daniel Davies:“Purgatory” begins this really beautiful, eerie, mournful piece; my son composed that and sent it to me from Japan. There’s a hiss on there, if you listen carefully, so I tried to cover it up with some synths; but that’s him. Daniel Davies is my godson. He’s a virtuoso on the guitar, and my son is a virtuoso on the keyboard. It’s just unbelievable. So I use their talent and take credit for it. That’s what my job is.

So give Night a listen and chime in with your thoughts in the comments. Are you as excited as I am?

You can pre-order Lost Themes via Amazon and iTunes through the links below:

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