SLIS’s 2014 New Year’s Eve Party Playlist

SLIS’s 2014 New Year’s Eve Party Playlist: our killer mix of vintage and current rocking tunes to celebrate on NYE.

I’m having a hard time believing it’s only a few days until 2014’s ass gets hit by the door on its way out, only to be trampled by the arrival of 2015. But time flies as they say. So much so that I’ve been behind on finishing our New Year’s Eve Party Playlist!

Nonetheless it’s finished now, and I’ve covered the genres of alternative, goth, electronica, metal, Britpop and punk, power-pop and more.

You can peruse and buy on iTunes via the playlist below. We get a percentage of each song sold, so thanks in advance if you choose to do so:


Some notes on a few of my less obvious choices:

The Chase, as well as being a great dance track from the recently revitalized synth pop maestro Giorgio Moroder, came from the soundtrack of 1978′ Midnight Express (get it? get it?).

I realize Cheap Trick’s Clock Strikes 10 is two hours too early for New Year’s, but it hits the right emotion and feel.

I realize it’s 5 years until we reach A New Decade, but again, the Verve track feels correct musically and celebratory, (the same with Prince’s 1999 and KJ’s Millennium). I chose Don’t Change because of our hesitancy to let the past year go (unless you’ve had a bad one, that is).

I picked Ball of Confusion to allude to the ball dropping in Times Square, and decided to add NYC themed songs from the Pistols, Interpol and The Cult to acknowledge the city’s strong ties to the holiday occasion.

*Whoops! How could I forget 2 versions of this classic perfect for the occasion?

**And, how bout a couple of tracks to commemorate cracking open the bubbly:

So check it out, enjoy, and have a fun, yet safe, New Year’s Eve. I know this old boy will be taking it easy.

And feel free to chime in with your own favorite NYE songs in the comments.

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