Pixies Release New EP And Video For ‘Indie Cindy’

On the edge of their fall tour, The Pixies have released a surprise four song EP, entitled EP 1.

You can order the EP in a variety of formats on the band’s official website.

The first single from the EP, ‘Indie Cindy’ has a video which the band debuted today. You can watch it below.

My first thoughts are its decent, but still a tad lackluster. Which follows the pattern set by previous viral tune ‘Bagboy.’

The band has been under a bit of controversy recently after bassist Kim Deal quit the band. ‘Bagboy’ featured a Deal-eque backing vocal from a friend of band leader Black Francis.

And then the band hired a new bassists, named, wait for it, Kim. But this would be Kim Shattuck, former bassist of The Muffs. Given Deal’s unique sound and style, she’ll prove difficult shoes to feel. But it’s of course far too early to cast aspersions. The tour will likely help cement Shattuck’s role in the band and give fan’s a chance to weigh in our her interaction with the other band members and her skill with the material.

The new tune, ‘Indie Cindy’ sounds a bit more like the solo work of Frank Black then a Pixies song, perhaps because Joey Santiago’s guitar is so subdued and a bit more straightforward than usual.

But take a listen and give us your thoughts on ‘Indie Cindy.’ Like it? Love it? Gonna give The EP a shot? Tell us in the comments section.

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