40 Bands That Should Have Been Bigger Part 2

Welcome to 40 Bands That Should Have Been Bigger Part 2, where I’m looking back at bands that had awesome songs but couldn’t sustain success. Be sure to catch part 1 to see what artists we’ve already covered. If you want to rediscover these bands, clicking on their name (highlighted in blue) will let you peruse their […]

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40 Bands That Should Have Been Bigger Part 1

40 Bands That Should Have Been Bigger Part 1

*Here we celebrate 40 Bands That Should Have Been Bigger…but didn’t. They had the talent, but couldn’t cross over. What happened? I’ve celebrated underrated musicians recently in lists, (specifically; singers, guitarists, and riffs.). But a lot of bands listed still have a small, loyal set of fans. Some are critically lauded for their influence even if […]

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‘The Dark Knight Returns’ Animated Movie Sneak Peek

Get a sneak peek of the long-awaited animated movie adaptation of Frank Miller’s ‘The Dark Knight Returns’ Ever since DC Comics launched their PG-13 animated straight to DVD/Blu-ray line, fanboys have clamored for an adaptation of Frank Miller’s iconic 80’s Batman tale “The Dark Knight Returns”. And now they’ll get their wish. I’ve been impressed […]

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The XX ‘Coexist’ Review

The XX ‘Coexist’ Review *British trio The XX play it safe on their sophomore album ‘Coexist‘, but if it ain’t broke, why fix it? I just wrote about bands that Peaked With Their First Album. Sometimes a first release is so perfect that its impossible to top. The XX’s 2009 self-titled début was a perfect album. Every […]

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Appetite For Destruction 30th Anniversary

12 Bands That Peaked With Their First Album

12 Bands That Peaked With Their First Album A band’s first album presents their potential, their declaration of intent. With successive albums they improve in songwriting and performance chops, building their legacy. But eventually, most plateau or peak. Internal pressures, label issues, writer’s block, and lack of artistic hunger are just a few factors that can […]

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Stream The New XX Album ‘Coexist’

Stream The New XX Album ‘Coexist’  The XX are allowing everyone to stream their new release ‘Coexist‘ off their website, a week before the official release. Check it out here. Besides getting a free preview, there’s the extra cool touch of seeing a global map, showing all the parts of the world where folks are […]

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Bite her. Please.

The 16 Most Annoying Movie Characters

A great movie should obviously avoid annoying characters. They need to be relatable. Most important are the protagonist and antagonist. One you love to love, and the other you love to hate. Great supporting characters matter too. But what happens when you loathe a character you’re supposed to love? That’s either bad writing, a terrible […]

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The iPod Playlist Of Paul Ryan: It Speaks Volumes

The iPod Playlist Of Paul Ryan: It Speaks Volumes I didn’t watch Paul Ryan’s speech at the RNC last night. I suffer from acid reflux, and don’t need any extra aggravation. But I read some articles today (here’s one from the Huffington Post), and one line annoyed me more than any partisan jab: “We’re a […]

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