Music Video Premiere: Sounds of Sputnik ‘Light Stream’ Featuring Ummagma

Music Video Premiere:  Sounds of Sputnik ‘Light Stream’ Featuring Ummagma–atmospheric video showcases shoegaze collaboration.

May 16th will see the re-release of ‘New Born,’ the début album from Russia’s Sounds of Sputnik.

And to mark the release (on Moon Sounds Records), the group have filmed a video for ‘Light Stream,’ their collaboration with Ukraine by way of Canada shoegaze duo Ummagma.

The track (remixed by UK producer Fran Aschroft) is a full dose of shimmering ethereal dream pop, ably represented in the evocative video from filmmaker Dariy Karyakin, which we’re proud to première below.

Both groups note that their collaboration has symbolic importance, given the national conflict between their home countries: “There has been a lot of upheaval in our part of the word on both sides of the border” S0unds of Sputnik noted in their album’s press release:  “We see music as a prism through which we see the prospects for a brighter future, where we can week through all the bullshit and just return to more grassroots human relations again. This album is pragmatic despite our heavily pessimistic surroundings. We (Sounds of Sputnik and Ummagma) have each other to thank for that”.

The members of Ummagma also commented on their musical friendship:
“Our music makings with Sounds of Sputnik actually trace back to the early 2000s, when we were all living in Moscow and experimenting with each other. The kitchen was a favorite place for making music and Roma from Sounds of Sputnik first introduced me to Mogwai and Deus! Geography separated us and it wasn’t until nearly a decade later that we found each other and quickly began making music together again”.

So take a look/listen to ‘Light Stream’ and share your thoughts in the comments. And you can pre-order ‘Sounds of Sputnik’  via Bandcamp below:

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