Mark Lanegan Announces New Rarities Release ‘Houston’

Mark Lanegan Announces New Rarities Release ‘Houston’ (Publishing Demos 2002): August release will focus on previously unreleased solo material.

Vocalist Mark Lanegan will release Houston (Publishing Demons 2002), on August, 21st via Ipecac Recordings.

The album contains recordings by Lanegan while he was forging a new musical path in the wake of the 2000 breakup of his Seattle rock group Screaming Trees and in the midst of contributions to albums by Queens of the Stone Age.

The 12 track release is produced by Randall Jamail of Justice Records. Hardcore Lanegan films will certainly find this of interest, and even upon my preliminary listen, I can say that is sounds very nuanced and detailed, even in demo form.

Fans will be able to see the formative steps that lead into his solo career on albums like 2004’s Bubblegum, as well as The Gutter Twins, his collaboration with Afghan Whigs vocalist Greg Dulli.

All tracks are previously unreleased with the exception of the songs Halcyon Daze and Gray Goes Black, although both tracks are in slightly different incarnations than their inclusion on later albums.

Houston follows in the wake of his 2014 release Phantom Radio and EP No Bells On Sunday. It features artwork by The Mekons Jon Langford.

Check out the full track listing for Houston below. Look for my full review closer to its official release. I’ll update this post with pre-order links once they become available.

Houston (Publishing Demos 2002):

1. No Cross
2. Two Horses
3. When It’s In You (Methamphetamine Blues)
4. High Life
5. I’ll Go Where You Send Me
6. Grey Goes Black
7. The Primitives
8. Blind
9. Halcyon Daze
10. Nothing Much to Mention
11. A Suite for Dying Love
12. Way To Tomorrow


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