Ummagma + A.R.Kane - Winter Tale (cover artwork)

Listen: Ummagma + A.R. Kane Team Up for ‘Winter Tale’

Listen: Ummagma + A.R. Kane Team Up for ‘Winter Tale’: evocative frosty single makes for an ideal wintry soundtrack. 

Just in time for the chilly winter holidays, Ukraine/Canadian shoegaze (or as I like to describe them: “soothgaze”) duo Ummagma have released Winter Tale, their single off their 2015 EP Frequency. The song (which will be officially released January, 12th) also gets the remix treatment from the recently reformed 1980s dreampop pioneers A.R. Kane on the spacey Winter Tale (A.R.Kane Mix 69 Style), and Winter Tale (A.R.Kane Mix Radio Edit).

Click here for my interview with A.R. Kane’s Rudy Tambala

Both mixes accentuate the dreamy vocals of vocalist Shauna McLarnon while adding glacial soundscapes and fragmented sonics from McLarnon’s musical (and romantic) partner Alexander Kretov.

The collaboration between both groups has budded for a while, with Kane mastermind Rudy Tambala noting Ummagma’s sound is so trippy I had to buy new studio monitors to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating… If Underworld or Chemical Bros did their song ‘Lama’, it would be proclaimed an instant classic.

For their part, Ummagma have proclaimed their love of Kane’s work for years, and the synthesis of their collaboration is ethereal and meditative.

So take a listen to the track below via Bandcamp where you can pre-order, and tell us your thoughts in the comments. We think you’ll find it ideal for all your frosty holiday activities, conjuring images of snow-capped mountains and trees, snowmen and frosty breath hanging in the air. You can also purchase their Frequency E.P. on their official bandcamp page as well. 

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