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Listen To New Silversun Pickups Song ‘Cannibal’

Listen To New Silversun Pickups Song ‘Cannibal’: Band announces new track off upcoming greatest hits album. Future of the band appears uncertain.

90’s alt-rock revivalists Silversun Pickups have just released a new song called ‘Cannibal.‘ The track will be featured on their upcoming greatest hits collection, entitled  ‘The Singles Collection’, which will be released Februrary 25th on Dangerbird Records.

The track continues the mix of fuzz guitar and electronic textures that marked their 2012 album Neck of The Woods. Click link below to listen.

I find it a tad strange and premature that the band would release a greatest hits album so early in their career? To date they’ve released one E.P. and three full length releases within a ten-year period. Usually a move like this foreshadows an impending break-up and bandleader Brian Aubert’s nebulous comments to Rolling Stone magazine regarding their future, certainly sounds uncertain:

“Plans come and go…We don’t like to think about laying down rules and lists. It’s best for us to lay low and eventually build momentum organically. We’ll start working on the next album when we all come to the conclusion that it’s time. We never know when that’ll be, but personally, I hope it’s sooner than later. I have a lot of weird ideas that need to come out.”

Hopefully this is just a hiatus and more material will be on the way, but until then, we’ll just have to wait and satiate ourselves with this for now.

Below is the full track list for The Singles Collection:

1. “Kissing Families”
2. “Lazy Eye”
3. “Well Thought Out Twinkles”
4. “Little Lover’s So Polite”
5. “Panic Switch”
6. “Substitution”
7. “The Royal We”
8. “Bloody Mary (Nerve Endings)”
9. “The Pit”
10. “Dots And Dashes (Enough Already)”
11. “Cannibal”


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