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Listen To New Smashing Pumpkins Song ‘Being Beige’

Listen To New Smashing Pumpkins Song ‘Being Beige’: Alternative rock outfit release first song off new album Monuments To An Elegy.

The Smashing Pumpkins released their first single off forthcoming album Monuments To An Elegy. The track, entitled Being Beige (World’s On Fire), features Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee on drums. You can listen to it below:

My first impressions? I feel the track hovers in-between the sonic landscapes of Adore and Machina/The Machines of God, and their last release, 2012’s Oceania.. It starts off with Corgan’s cooing vocals and meditative piano and guitar figures, which builds into a louder din with Lee’s militant drumming.

Corgan described the track to Rolling Stone: People always ask me to explain songs, and honestly I can’t,  Corgan tells Rolling Stone. But if there’s honesty in this lyric, it’s that there’s something amiss in our cosmos. Yet still, we must love.

The mercurial frontman (and sole original member) feels confident in the new album, telling Alternative NationI feel like it’s there, and all of the response that I’ve gotten behind the scenes is off the charts. Just a really, really intense response. Things like people saying, ‘This is the record I’ve been waiting for you to make for 15 years.’ That kind of stuff, very grandiose things, but it tells me that we’re on point, in terms of hitting the right note.

So give Being Beige (World’s On Fire), and spout off your opinions. Good? Meh? Still bummed that the original lineup hasn’t returned?

Monuments to an Elegy will be released on Dec 9th. It’s follow-up Day For Night, will début later in 2015. Click here for info on the band’s recent deluxe reissue of their Adore album.

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