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Killing Joke Release New ‘Pylon’ Track ‘I Am The Virus’

Killing Joke Release New ‘Pylon’ Track ‘I Am The Virus’: Proto-industrial legends release first track from upcoming 15th studio album.

Veteran Post-punk rockers Killing Joke have just released I Am The Virus the first official single from their forthcoming album Pylon. Check out the video (with lyrics) via YouTube below.

The band also announced the official release date for the new album. It’s due out October 23rd (via Spinefarm Records). From the first listen, it sounds like vintage Killing Joke: tribal beats, thick guitar clangor and shredded vocals from intense frontman Jaz Coleman.

And lyrically it fits into the band’s long tradition of conspiracy theories and authoritarian defiance, culminating in the chorus: I am the fury/The spirit of outrage/I am the virus!

The Pylon press release on the group’s official Facebook page states that: It’s simple… stark brutal industrial suicide… this is the third in a triptych of albums, Absolute Dissent, MMXII and now PYLON… heavy and uncompromising, bleak dystopian lyrics, as well as some visionary celebration… lots of black pain emotion. To start the fires, here’s the first draw… ‘I Am The Virus’.

Given Killing Joke are one of the few bands that get more intense with each release, and the strength of their 2012 album MMXII, I expect Pylon to be one of the best albums of the year. They rarely disappoint.

Below is the full Pylon Track-list:

Autonomous Zone

Dawn Of The Hive

New Cold War


New Jerusalem

War On Freedom

Big Buzz


I Am The Virus

Into The Unknown

You can pre-order Killing Joke’s new album ‘Pylon’ via their PledgeMusic page, or through the Amazon pre-order links below. I’ll have a full review up next month.

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