Dale Crover Fickle Finger Review

Dale Crover ‘The Fickle Finger Of Fate’ Review

Dale Crover ‘The Fickle Finger Of Fate’ Review: Melvins drummer offers eclectic affair on début solo album.

For his first full-length solo album The Fickle Finger of Fate (due August 4th, via Joyful Noise Recordings) veteran Melvins drummer Dale Crover showcases his musical gifts in both expected and unexpected ways.

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Over 20 tracks (co-produced by Crover and frequent Melvins collaborator Toshi Kasai) , Crover covers quite a bit of sonic terrain. Several tunes are unsurprisingly drum-focused, including cavernous opener Chicken Ala King, and jazz-inflected numbers like None, No More and Giant Hunka Cake. The eerie There Goes The Neighborhood is a particular percussion-centric standout, showcasing his formidable chops over eerie hushed vocals.

Hillbilly Math is a boogie rock gem, propelled by a hooky riff and Crover’s granulated croon, while Thunder Pinky sounds like a lost Melvins track, augmented by cinematic keyboards and crunchy guitars. Bad Move is another keeper, a chunky, funky number that’s as subdued as it is catchy.

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Little Brother is a low-key charmer, with a central psychedelic melody that sounds like Mission of Burma’s That’s When I Reach For My Revolver covered by Mercury Rev.

In fact, if there’s one (surprising) genre that captures Fickle Finger’s essence, it’s 70’s psychedelia, showcasing a mellower, defter touch that might surprise Melvins diehards expecting a collection of Sabbath’ish ragers. Both the title track and I Found The Way Out both recall Meddle-era Pink Floyd, awash in pastoral melodies and cooing vocals (both of which feature Redd Kross/Melvins bassist Steve McDonald).

Dale Crover Fickle Finger of Fate Review

The Fickle Finger of Fate should satiate and surprise Crover’s fanbase–scratching the bottom-heavy itch they crave, while shining a light on Crover’s diverse influences and melodic songcraft. While it’s been a mighty long gestation period for his solo début to materialize, let’s hope fate’s fickle finger allows a follow-up to materialize much sooner.

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