‘Clear History’ Review Starring Larry David

‘Clear History’ Review Starring Larry David. No need to curb your enthusiasm for David’s hilarious new HBO movie. 

Curb You Enthusiasm fans have waited impatiently for any news of an upcoming season. Given the future of the series is shaky, there’s been much anticipation for Larry David’s new film Clear History, which is currently airing on HBO.

The film will certainly please his fan base, and offers new wrinkles to his crotchety, neurotic persona.

David plays, Nathan Flomm; a shaggy haired/bearded marketing director hired by inventor Will Haney (Jon Hamm) to market his new electric car.

Haney wants to name his car, The Howard, after his son. Flomm hates the name, and doesn’t see how he can market it. He quits and sells his share for what he deems a doomed venture.

In classic David fashion, this proves calamitous. The Howard is a massive success and he loses a sizable fortune, along with his wife who can’t accept his decision.

Cut to a few years later, and he’s assumed a fake identity as clean-shaven Rolly, and lives in Martha’s Vineyard. He has a new group of friends and seems to have learned to accept his failure.

But Rolly’s world is turned upside down when Haney moves into his neighborhood. Having his failure rubbed in his face, spurs his need for revenge. He poses as a fake contractor (Haney doesn’t recognize him without his beard) and plans on blowing up their monstrous, hideous McMansion.

While David’s playing a character, he’s still the David you know and love/loathe..

And History has all the assorted malcontents one expects from a David production. Michael Keaton and Bill Hader play two loons who agree to help Rolly blow up the house. Other actors of note include Liev Schreiber, Danny McBride, Phillip Baker Hall, Curb alum JB Smoove, and Kate Hudson. She plays Haney’s wife, and stirs other emotions in Rolly. This sets even more crazy events in motion, building to a raucous finale.

Clear History is directed by Greg Metolla (Superbad), who’s unobtrusive style aids the material.

And if you wondered why Larry David was blaring Chicago’s 25 or 6 to 4 in the promo, well the band is featured prominently in the plot, leading to a truly bizarre and hilarious revelation.

Want to watch Clear History? Check HBO for air dates.

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