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Book Review: The Official DC Super Hero Joke Book

Book Review: The Official DC Super Hero Joke Book: Downtown Bookworks humorous collection will appeal to DC Comics fans of all generations. 

How did Aquaman ask out Mera on their first date? “Water you doing Friday night?”

What happened when Batman was late to play baseball with Robin? There was a Wayne delay.

If you have kids who are into superheroes and love puns, knock-knock jokes, riddles and more (see the two examples above), you’re in luck. Downtown Bookworks recently released The Official DC Super Hero Joke Book, a tome chock full of zingers based off beloved DC Comics characters of both the superhero and villain variety.

The 176 page book (co-written by Sarah Parvis, Noah Smith and Michael Robin), isn’t all kid stuff however–while the humor is certainly aimed at small children, the artwork is a wonderful assortment of classic DC comic panels (which leans largely on Silver Age illustrations).

That alone will make it fun for comic book fans to read the book to their kids, and the variety of second tier, more obscure characters that are also included in the book is yet another enticing feature.

While Batman and Robin, Wonder Woman, Superman and other Justice League and Teen Titans members are certainly well-represented (Aquaman is the recipient of some of the best punch lines), you’re also treated to jokes about the likes of Dr. Fate, Elongated Man, Copperhead, Deadman and more. I really enjoyed reading the book to my daughter: although she’s not old enough to read yet, she loved the illustrations. My older niece however, is obsessed with jokes, and she laughed throughout.

It’s that attention to detail (the amount of jokes about Superman’s forgotten pet menagerie are particularly impressive) that makes Downtown Bookworks’ children’s books a cut above the competition. These are jokes crafted with true affection for their subject matter. It’s a labor of love that will translate into plenty of laughter for young readers, while giving them a crash course into DC Comics mythology at the same time.

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