Book Review: DC Super Heroes: The Big Book of Girl Power

Book Review: DC Super Heroes: The Big Book of Girl Power–new children’s book celebrates the women of DC Comics

The female superheroes of DC Comics have been front and center in a big way lately: Wonder Woman is now a U.N. Ambassador, and her new movie (featuring Gal Gadot) debuts next year.

Supergirl is flying high in her new self-titled CW show.

And both characters are featured along Batgirl, Bumblebee, Hawkgirl and many more in the new Cartoon Network animated film DC Super Hero Girls.

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And now budding DC fangirls (and fanboys) can get even more info on their favorite heroines in the new children’s book The Big Book of Girl Power (Downtown Bookworks). The book (written by Julie Merberg) provides a message of empowerment in an entertaining read–packed full of vibrant illustrations (by artist Scott Kolins).

In a press release, Merberg stated that the book (aimed for readers age 4 and up) “is an important book for young girls, of course, but we’re expecting grown-ups to buy this book for the young boys in their lives as well. As I’m constantly telling my four sons, women are every bit as powerful as men…more so in many ways. And the sooner they learn that, the better.”

While the book primarily focuses on DC’s most virtuous characters like Mera, Starfire and Black Canary, (featuring captions like: Other superheroes look up to Black Canary because she is a strong leader), it even gives a lesson for redemption with iconic Batman villain Catwoman, showing her path from baddie to an anti-hero with a heart of gold.

In addition to Big Book,  Downtown Bookworks is also reprinting two earlier superhero titles aimed at young girls: My First Book of Girl Power, a board book designed for young readers (0-3), that provides heroic lessons in bite-sized format, while My First Wonder Women Book shines a light on what makes DC’s ultimate Amazon one of the most revered heroes in comics.

I’ve read all three books to a critic whose opinion on these matters is of utmost importance: my (almost 11-month old) daughter. She’s been wide-eyed and smiling while we read each book, and she’s especially enamored of the last page of the Wonder Woman book, where she can see her reflection in a mirror (framed in Wonder Woman’s face).

While she’s too young to fully absorb the Big Book, she loves the illustrations and will surely turn to it again and again as she matures.

All three books will make excellent holiday gifts for the young superhero in your life, in a year where girl power should be celebrated like never before!

You can order all three DC books via Amazon below:

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