Levitation 2016 Kickoff Party Review: Chelsea Wolfe, The Veldt

Levitation 2016 Kickoff Party Review: Chelsea Wolfe, The Veldt: a silver lining to a cancelled ...

Ramones Album cover

Albums Revisited: Ramones Debut Album Turns 40

Albums Revisited: Ramones Debut Album Turns 40: the album that ignited the 70’s punk movement on its 40th anniversary.  Saturday April 23rd, marks a huge milestone for punk rock: the Ramones self-titled 1976 début will celebrate its 40th anniversary. The album, recorded at Radio City Music Hall (in the band’s native New York City), is rightfully considered […]

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Lush ‘Blind Spot’ EP Review

Lush ‘Blind Spot’ EP Review: 90’s Shoegazers roar back to life on accomplished EP. The past few years have seen a host of 90’s shoegaze acts reuniting, but Lush’s comeback was one of the most unexpected. The London-based band folded after drummer Chris Acland’s tragic suicide in 1996, with former members Miki Berenyi, Emma Anderson […]

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‘Surgical Meth Machine’ Album Review

‘Surgical Meth Machine’ Album Review: New project from Ministry’s Al Jourgensen acts like a sampler of his varied musical history. Al Jourgensen has been involved with many musical projects over the years: in addition to his bread and butter industrial juggernaut Ministry, there’s his rotating supergroup Revolting Cocks, Pailhead, Lard, 1000 Homo DJ’s PTP, and […]

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Deftones ‘Gore’ Review

Deftones ‘Gore’ Review: alt-metal titan’s latest rewards repeat listens. Sacramento’s Deftones have plugged away valiantly for nearly three decades, eclipsing, obliterating and transcending any affiliation with their late-90’s nu-metal peers. They’ve embraced elements of more experimental musical movements, integrating them into new and unusual shapes within their metal underpinnings. It speaks volumes to the band’s […]

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M83 ‘Junk’ Review

M83 ‘Junk’ Review Anthony Gonzales return with an album that skirts the line between irony and artistic ambition. Or something like that. M83 have charted their own unique musical course: be it digital shoegaze (Before The Dawn Heals Us), sublime New Wave (Saturdays=Youth) or their genre straddling double album smash Hurry Up We’re Dreaming. And now the Anthony Gonzales-led […]

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Youth Code Commitment

Youth Code ‘Commitment to Complications’ Review

Youth Code ‘Commitment to Complications’ Review: Cali duo resurrect classic industrial with a modern twist.  I found myself recently lamenting the current state of industrial music. Why hasn’t one of my favorite genres received a musical revival like so many other 80’s/90’s musical movements? Well thank Satan that I just discovered Youth Code, an L.A. […]

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Al Jourgensen Talks New Project Surgical Meth Machine

Al Jourgensen Talks New Project Surgical Meth Machine: Ministry frontman discusses new solo debut album, his synth-pop past, 2016 presidential election and other new projects in our exclusive interview.  Al Jourgensen announced that Ministry’s 2013 album From Beer To Eternity would (possibly) be the band’s swan song after the death of guitarist Mike Scaccia. But be […]

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Kaada/Patton ‘Bacteria Cult’ Review

Kaada/Patton ‘Bacteria Cult’ Review: Composer/vocalist duo reunite for first studio album in 12 years. The ever prolific Mike Patton has had a packed schedule the past two years: Faith No More returned with their triumphant 2015 reunion album Sol Invictus, and in January he released Nevermen’s début album his collaboration with Doseone, and TV on the Radio’s Tunde Adebimpe […]

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James Iha Reunites With Smashing Pumpkins 

Ex-guitarist returns for surprise appearance at Los Angeles concert performing tracks off ‘Siamese Dream’.  It’s an Easter miracle: last night, estranged Smashing Pumpkins guitarist James Iha joined the band to perform songs from their 1993 masterpiece ‘Siamese Dream.’ This marks the first time in 16 years that he’s shared the stage with frontman Billy Corgan […]

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Ummagma ‘Frequency’ EP Review

Ummagma ‘Frequency’ EP Review: Shoegaze duo give a refreshing, vibrant take on the genre. Here at Smells Like Infinite Sadness, I take pride on being ahead of the curve on musical releases. But hey, I’m no spring chicken, and sometimes I’m late to the party. Case in point: I’ve only recently discovered the 2015 EP […]

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